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As a native of Los Angeles, California, artist Carol Blaylock was always exposed to a tremendously varied world of art. It wasnt until high school, however, with the guidance from a wonderful art teacher that she began to open her eyes and appreciate the world that surrounded her. Art. Carol had found her lifes passion. After completing high school Carol entered college to pursue her passion, learning all she could about art.

While in school she enjoyed most aspects of her studies, though she truly excelled in drawing, three-dimensional design, and mixed media. Working with her hands, in various materials, gave her the most joy, the intense tactile sensation being an integral part of her process of creation. Upon her graduation, with a degree in textile design, Carol pursued a very brief career in textiles before discovering that it limited her ability to fully express herself, and to create three-dimensional works.

With a more definite idea of what she truly wanted to create, Carol returned to school, this time to study Sculpting. And through the guidance and support of an amazing sculptor and mentor, Carol was able to hone her skills, allowing her a greater depth of expression and commitment to her art... Carol has now been professionally sculpting for almost eighteen years, with five years spent as a sculpting teacher at Brentwood Art Center School of Fine Art.

In art, as in life, Carol has been influenced by many different facets. She draws her main inspirations, however, from fantasy, and from surrealism. But she has also discovered a new influence in her life and work, stemming from her great passion not only from fine art, but from the martial arts. After years of intense study, and with dedicated teaching and guidance, Master Carol received her 4th degree black belt in Taekwondo in 2012. And as with her artistic passion, she is not content to bask in her own accomplishments and creations, but is sharing her gifts with others by teaching Taekwondo, as well...

The most exciting consequence of this meshing of Carols passions and interests has been a series of beautifully and truthfully crafted martial arts sculptures, which she has created over the past years. The bringing together of these different aspects of her life has allowed her to discover this new form of expression, and to give birth to new ideas about which she is truly excited. Carol says that there is nothing better in life, nothing more fulfilling, than being happy doing something about which you are passionate, and then sharing that passion with others.

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